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Chinese New Year Day

Today is Chinese New Year Day. It’s a day when every action we take should be auspicious—in the belief that this sets the tone for the remainder of the year. That’s certainly an ideal worth pursuing. How many times do we really get the chance to start over, start fresh, start anew? This is one […]

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Chinese New Year

Chinese new year begins tomorrow, January 23. It’s the year of the dragon. A Family Holiday The Spring Festival (Chun Jie) beginning with Lunar New Year Day, is a family holiday. Family members return home to see parents and grandparents and to renew family ties. For many, it may be their only opportunity of the […]

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Chinese New Year: The Nian Monster

There was once a mythical beast named Nian. Nian is the actual word for “year” and is a pictograph of a person carrying the harvest home. But in this legend, the Nian came on the first day of the new year to devour livestock, crops, villagers, and especially children. People were forced to put food […]

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