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Should Religion be Taught in Public Schools?

I received this e-mail: My name is James Morrison, and I teach a World Religions course at Red Wing High School (Red Wing, Minnesota). It has not been easy. Over the years I have been condemned by Christian fundamentalists for “polluting the minds of children with false ideas” and for “doing the devil’s work.” I have been teaching for […]

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Ruyi Studio of Multicultural Arts

My friend and student, Pearl Huang, has opened a new studio in Taos, NM. She’s teaching classes in Qigong and Taiji, Chinese langage and music, as well as Chinese calligraphy. You can also see some of her own stunning calligraphy on display. Pearl was born and educated in China.  She is a performer, artist and […]

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Be water

Be Water. Plunge from the cliff and fear no harm. Cover the globe and flood the shores. Be water. Fill the well and wet each mouth. Swell the river and drench the earth. Brim the lake and spawn the fish. Be water. You boil as steam but are not burnt. You rain from clouds but […]

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