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Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice Festival (Dongzhi) is celebrated when the sunlight seems to be at its weakest and the days are the shortest. Therefore, it is a festival deeply tied to the observation of yin and yang: this may be a day that yin is seemingly at its greatest, and yet people know that yin must […]

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The I Ching and the Winter Solstice

Some hexagrams of the I Ching are associated with the seasons. Hexagram 24, Returning (Fu), is specifically linked to the Winter Solstice and the eleventh moon. Understanding the graphic structure of this hexagram can help make the philosophy and symbolism of the solstice clear. The bottom of the hexagram is the early stage of a situation, the […]

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The Beijing Wushu Team Coming to the San Francisco Bay Area

The Beijing Wushu Team is coming to the San Francisco Bay Area. There will be two performances at Stanford University on January 18 and 19 and a matinee and evening performance in San Francisco. Come see the current Chinese martial arts champions. For more information, see  

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Selling iPhones in the Underworld

When Steve Jobs died, a temple medium in Penang, Malaysia held a ritual at Pulau Jerejak so that Jobs could be reincarnated. The medium also announced that he was authorized as a general agent for iPhones in the underworld. He added that Yama, the King of the Underworld, would use an iPad to access the […]

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The Second Annual Morton Marcus Poetry Reading and Poetry Archive

Kay Ryan gave a wonderful reading last night. She introduced each of her poems with dry and sardonic wit, preparing us for poems that made their points quickly and suddenly, and with a perfection reinforced by subtle rhyme. cheap domain . Gary Young, the poet laureate of Santa Cruz, was our host, and poets Shirley […]

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The Second Annual Morton Marcus Memorial Poetry Reading

This reading in memory of my poetry teacher, Morton Marcus, features readings by 2011 Pulitzer Prize winner and 2008–2010 U.S. Poet Laureate Kay Ryan, as well as Gary Young, Jeff Tagami, and Shirley Ancheta. load test website UCSC’s Music Recital Hall; Sunday, November 20, 2011; 3:00 pm. Admission is free. His archive will also be on […]

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Be water

Be Water. Plunge from the cliff and fear no harm. Cover the globe and flood the shores. Be water. Fill the well and wet each mouth. Swell the river and drench the earth. Brim the lake and spawn the fish. Be water. You boil as steam but are not burnt. You rain from clouds but […]

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