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On Making Your Own Altar

Every serious Taoist has an altar. It’s a symbol intimately associated with Taoism. . In the past, Taoists held “altar wars” where two competing Taoists would set up public altars and duel with each other over ritual and magic. That was silly, of course, but it does underscore how the altar was so much a […]

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The Canon of Purity and Tranquility

Lao Zi speaks of the Canon of Purity and Tranquility (Qingjing Jing) 1 老君曰:
大道无名,长养万物;吾不知其名,强名曰道。 Lao Zi said:
The great Tao is formless, it gives birth to heaven and earth.
The great Tao does has no sentiment, yet it moves the sun and moon.
The great Tao is nameless, yet it always nurtures everything;
I do not know how to […]

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Christianity, Qigong, and Bodybuilding

I came across two different stories today that intersect for me. The first was called Christianity, Taoism &Qigong, I haven’t been able to verifty all of the information elsewhere, but it’s an intriguing story. According to Ms. York, the Christian church was established in China in the seventh century, close to the legendary site […]

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Should Religion be Taught in Public Schools?

I received this e-mail: My name is James Morrison, and I teach a World Religions course at Red Wing High School (Red Wing, Minnesota). It has not been easy. Over the years I have been condemned by Christian fundamentalists for “polluting the minds of children with false ideas” and for “doing the devil’s work.” I have been teaching for […]

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Ruyi Studio of Multicultural Arts

My friend and student, Pearl Huang, has opened a new studio in Taos, NM. She’s teaching classes in Qigong and Taiji, Chinese langage and music, as well as Chinese calligraphy. You can also see some of her own stunning calligraphy on display. Pearl was born and educated in China.  She is a performer, artist and […]

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Chinese New Year Day

Today is Chinese New Year Day. It’s a day when every action we take should be auspicious—in the belief that this sets the tone for the remainder of the year. That’s certainly an ideal worth pursuing. How many times do we really get the chance to start over, start fresh, start anew? This is one […]

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Chinese New Year

Chinese new year begins tomorrow, January 23. It’s the year of the dragon. A Family Holiday The Spring Festival (Chun Jie) beginning with Lunar New Year Day, is a family holiday. Family members return home to see parents and grandparents and to renew family ties. For many, it may be their only opportunity of the […]

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Chinese New Year: The Nian Monster

There was once a mythical beast named Nian. Nian is the actual word for “year” and is a pictograph of a person carrying the harvest home. But in this legend, the Nian came on the first day of the new year to devour livestock, crops, villagers, and especially children. People were forced to put food […]

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Five Sacred Mountains of Taoism

The Five Sacred Mountains of Taoism are Taishan, Huashan, Hengshan (Shanxi), Hengshan (Hunan), and Songshan. Each of the Five Sacred Mountains is a center of history, spirituality, art, and poetry. Pilgrimages to the sacred mountains are highly valued as inspiring, reverent, and beneficial journeys. Pilgrims believe that they can absorb the power of the mountain […]

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The Darkest Day

In the course of a year, who among us goes through over three hundred days without any misfortune or trouble? All of us do, and sometimes, those troubles can try us to our souls, drive us to madness, and leave us staring in bewilderment at the complete darkness outside our filmy windows. For all of […]

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