Deng Mng-Dao

We're expected to be leaders in both worlds—and to have wisdom too. No matter how hard we try, it's an imperfect combination.

What We Expect of Women
Women are expected to embody everything from seductress to woman warrior to mother. While they are intimately aware of how others react to them, feeling comes from the friction between role and person.

Trying to meet an ideal marks every attempt at power.

Flying Tiger Boy
Every boy is split between the images he takes in. Every boy struggles to assemble his life from innumerable pieces.

Our Rock ’n’ Roll
Our Rock ’n’ RollWe are pulled between the solitary sage and stadium rock.

What They Want Us to Believe
Every religion leads us to the ancient, and yet we only find rubble when we arrive.

Chinese American PacMan
We may try to navigate among our role models, but ghosts gobble the future and traps line the way.

Twenty-First Century Laozi Travels to the West
Even today's Laozi who wants to leave will face contradictions.

Trying to Remember My Museum Trip
Can art, melded together, be the basis for our own art?

Freeway to Peach Blossom Spring
Tao Yuanming (365–427) wrote the fable "Peach Blossom Spring" about a hidden utopia that was found once and then never found again.