Deng Mng-Dao


In addition to my own recipes, the book features contributions by San Francisco restaurateur Arnold Wong and chef Kate McGuire as well as kaiseki menus by Urasenke teacher Scott McDougall. Edward Espe Brown of the San Francisco Zen Center provided a wonderful introduction, and Jess Koppel took beautiful photographs that captured both the austere beauty of Zen and the lusciousness of the food itself.

Almost immediately, I began work on The Living I Ching (2006). The difficulty of researching, translating, interpreting, and providing a context for this sacred book was so daunting that it took eight years to complete this project. The I Ching (Yijing) is one of China’s holiest and most revered books. Ostensibly a book of divination, it is really the repository of generations’ worth of wisdom and experience. I believe that the challenges and stresses we face today are of the same archetypal nature as what thousands before us experienced. Why not avail ourselves of what they discovered? That’s why I feel so strongly that ancient Chinese wisdom is still vital today and that it in fact gives us access to knowledge that is either lost or underemphasized. Only by taking the view of millennia can we counter short-range confusion. This book also features my original poems and paintings.


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